What is going on?

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You charged me 65 time during past few days, I cannot log in and your service is unavailable. No information is provided. What is going on?

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Hello Taras - This looks like a software problem.

We see the excess charges - we have just stopped the responsible process - there will be no further charges. We will refund all of these charges.

Support will have all the information soon and get back to you asap. 

To follow up & clarify - 

Between Dec 25 and Jan 3rd several Vocalware customers were incorrectly charged by our automated billing due to a software error. In some cases repeatedly.

We were able to identify all the invalid charges, and each and every one of them has been refunded. We followed up with an email to each affected customer explaining what happened, including the relevant details of the charges and refund. 

The error was corrected, and auto-billing is safe to use. 

If you ever have a question or concern, about billing or anything else, please send a note to support@vocalware.com - or post your question here. 



The Vocalware Team

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