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Return the money to the card $ 199

izulya 6 days ago • updated by Gil 5 days ago 1

I registered on February 10 at 17.57. I now have a demo period of 15 days. You have withdrawn from my card for $ 99.5 2 times in total, it turned out to be $ 199. Return the money to the card.

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Hello izulya,

The funds were not withdrawn, but your credit card was 'authorized' - this is a process that enables us to charge you later (in 15 days) without holding on to your credit card information.

When authorization takes place - some credit card providers debit the amount from your credit and hold it. This is not our doing - and we do not have your money. But we can cancel the authorization if you prefer - which would mean that your account would expire after 15 days unless you manually make a purchase.

If you would like us to cancel the authorization please send a note to support@vocalware.com.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.