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Keep away from this company!

erhan.msn 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 2

I paid them $99,50 during sign up, but they do not add it to my account so I can't use it. I sent them a few emails, but they do not reply.

Under review

Hello - 

Please send us a note to support@vocalware.com and we will take care of whatever issue you are experiencing - or provide a refund.

Support typically responds on the same day - but there have been incidents where incoming emails were overlooked in spam filters - this may be one of them. If you don't receive a response today - please post your email here and I will contact you directly - I will erase your email from this forum afterwords.



The Vocalware Team


I no longer would like to continue my trial account, so please cancel my account and refund me what I paid during the signup.