How does Vocalware pricing compare with other similar services?

That’s a great question. It is not always easy to compare, because different services use different pricing models.

For example, a competing service might price usage by the word or by the letter, whereas Vocalware charges users per “stream” (which is an audio of up to 60 sec long). Our experience shows that an average online TTS request generates a an audio stream that is about 20 sec long, which is equivalent to about 40 words.

Let’s do the math. Vocalware’s most expensive price point is $2.49 per 1000 streams. Each stream is up to 60 seconds long, but let’s assume only 20 seconds (on average) are used. That would be equivalent (again, on average) to about 40 words per stream. This means that in Vocalware $2.49 buys you 40,000 words. Or, in other words, that in Vocalware the cost per word is $0.0000623 (or 6.23 cents per 1000 words)*.

Go ahead and compare to the price of other services that use the “per word” model. You will find that Vocalware is significantly more affordable, in some cases by a factor of 10 or more.

* Please remember that the calculation above refers to Vocalware’s most expensive price point. Buying streams in bulk can reduce cost further by more than 50%. Furthermore – if your application uses the 60 seconds of audio per stream efficiently, you can gain a cost saving per word of a further 300%

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