They removed a voice in Spanish

Lenin Zapata vor 8 Monaten aktualisiert von Akhilesh vor 8 Monaten 1

Hello, why did they remove a male voice from the Spanish voices that was the best of all? It no longer exists and with that voice I had a YouTube channel, but it was removed, what is the reason?

url: https://www.vocalware.com/index/demo

Yes, there are some of the voices that have been removed from Vocalware.

All Engine 3 voices have been removed due to licensing arrangement changes. However, existing customers are grandfathered in - and can continue to use all those voices indefinitely.

If you want you can use the previous version of the API documentation that lists those voices. If you need to receive the relevant information on how to access this please send us a note at support@vocalware.com