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Dear  Gil, 


       I check for  my transaction and check  callcenter bank  is status not yet . Pls follow . 


Dear Gil,          
    Thank you very much for your interest in answering my questions. I will check  the money with transferred to 

my account. If receiving money or have not  received money . I will  be notified.    

When this problem occurs I went to contact the bank. The bank recommends canceling ATM cards or credit cards.
To make a new ATM card, will there be a problem with the refund?

This matter is very worrying because it is a lot of money for in Thailand.

Which doesn't need to be paid because your website says it's a free trialใ

Dear Gil,

I check  my saving account  status payment  Vocalware NY NY 3,3133,15 bath (thai bath ) when  your transfer  money 

to my saving account .