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What about security info?

Julian Martinez 6 months ago • updated by Gil 6 months ago 3

because in HTTP Rest Api, the request goes to http and not https, so everything is in plain text

Under review

The API functions in HTTPS. 

Let me know if you encounter a problem.



Hi Gil

Yes, but reviewing the APi documentation (manual) about this, shows the URL as http:

Syntax Example (page 13):

http://www.vocalware.com/tts/gen.php?EID=2&LID=1&VID=2&TXT=Test+Message &EXT=mp3&FX_TYPE=p&FX_LEVEL=1&ACC=8879&API=283475&SESSION=50cdbf7c4e5d117dcb2efff424e10054&HTTP_ERR=1&CS=ec1e9c6249980c208186bd64ce8ce6e1

We are calling the URL like this, because an integration with Asterisk PBX for an IVR with some TTS Functions, so we call the HTTP REST API within a linux bash script. It Works, but we are concerned about security passing some data over http protocol. Could we use the same integration method but working over HTTPS?


I believe so.

Should work fine in https & we should update the documentation accordingly.

Please let me know if you run into a problem.