can I use vocalware as MP3, please?

yousefgario@gmail com 1 month ago updated by Gil 1 month ago 1


If you would like to download our Vocalware audios as mp3s (e.g. to use in your videos, presentations, games or other content) - we offer another product for this purpose called Vocalware Export.

Vocalware Export provides an online portal for creating, generating and downloading MP3 audio files generated by our Text-To-Speech voices.
The Vocalware Export license supports saving & storing the generated mp3 audios on your servers, as well as incorporating them into your own media (e.g. tutorials, games, youtube videos). The license provides you with perpetual rights to use the audios that you generate, even after your subscription to Vocalware Export ends.

For more information please send us a note to sales@vocalware.com & ask about Vocalware Export.

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The Vocalware Team