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Hi - we experienced problems with James' voice. To avoid disruption for our users we temporarily replaced the voice with another. We will restore it as soon as we can but it may be several days.

Hi -

This sample code is in php.

In php the + operator is used for string concatenation (as it is in other scripting languages).

So the values of all the individual parameters, as strings, are concatenated and then the resulting string is processed to produce a unique md5 'signature' that cannot be produced by any other string.

Hope this helps clarify your other questions as well.



Hi -

Period, comma and exclamation mark have some effect, but that effect depends on the voice, and can be inconsistent.

Best solution is to use SSML tags - in this case the 'break' tag.

Here's an example -

Break for 1000 milliseconds <Break time="1000ms"/> Okay, keep going.

See "advanced" section at the bottom of our demo page - for more examples about using SSML tags.

It is the weekend - I'm sure we'll get back to you soon.

Thanks for your patience

Hi Roman -

Please write to and we will do our best to help you out.