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what happend to Eusebio voice in portuguese?

Mr. Sean 4 år siden opdateret af Gil 4 år siden 1

I Daont know why Eusebio is sound different, it sound like Brazilian accent! make it back please


Thank you for using Vocalware!

Eric Kiang 9 år siden 0
We appreciate you using our product. We strive to make Vocalware a great service for users. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback let us know. We're happy to hear from you!
Ikke en bug

Amalia and Eusebio voices not working

Bruno 2 år siden opdateret af Gil 1 år siden 4

Portuguese voices Amalia and Eusebio voices are not working.

Gil 1 år siden

Hello Brunu -

Looks like these voices will not be coming back. Instead we will look to add additional new voices this year.

We've implemented automatic replacement for these voices, so that any customer using them will not suffer lack of service.

These voices will be removed from the documentation & UI wherever they still appear.




Audio streams caching

Oleg Bulatov 8 år siden opdateret af Eva 8 år siden 2
Is it legal to cache results from your HTTP API in case if I need to play same audio streams to multiple clients? Or I have to play each audio stream only once?

Doesn't work with Arabic,

None Sal 2 år siden opdateret af Gil 2 år siden 2

Doesn't work with Arabic, although the avatars talk Arabic. There is no speed to control and none-stop at full stops and no pause at commas and no relaxing. If Arabic people talk their language that way, no one will like them. Is it on Appstore?

Gil 2 år siden

Hello None Sal - 

The voices in Arabic, like the voices in our other languages are not of uniform quality or character. 

Some may be suitable for some purpose, some for others.

I encourage trying all the voices. Also you may want to consider using SSML tags to alter speed and introduce breaks in the speech per your preference.

Please see at the bottom of the demo page some SSML tag usage examples - 


Hope this helps,


The Vocalware Team


Can you add more Spanish TTS Voices since you added new voices

BuenosModesBernadito2 2 år siden opdateret af Gil 2 år siden 2

well, since you added new voices! i wanted you to put more spanish voices on vocalware, if violeta is mexican! what nationality is ximena's voice! thanks



rumblejungle04 4 år siden opdateret af Gil 4 år siden 2

add a way for people to download their text 2 speech into mp3 format

Gil 4 år siden

Hello - 

We offer a separate product called Vocalware Export for companies and content creators looking to integrate our TTS audios into their content.

Vocalware Export offers a secure portal in which you can select your voice try out your audio, then generate and download it as an MP# file.

Note that Vocalware license does not support this use case - it only permits online playback fromour servers. The Vocalware Export product on the other hand does support it.

If you are interested in Vocalware export - send us a note to sales@oddcast.com.



The Vocalware Team


Please call me tonight any time or tomorrow to discuss my questions. My numbers are 818-422-7919 or 203-880-4416.

Michael De Marco 9 år siden opdateret af Eva 8 år siden 1
Highly Important. Please Me!

Do you have a telephone number i can reach you at. How do i access your api. Do you offer text highlighting while the narrator is speaking.

Michael De Marco 9 år siden opdateret af Eva 8 år siden 2
Please reach me at 818-422-7919 or 203-880-4416 or email me at michael_de_marco@hotmail.com.

I am still unable to change the expiration date on my credit card. Now I get the message: unable to process.

Frederick Weiner 8 år siden opdateret af Eva 8 år siden 2
This is an ongoing problem for almost a month now. All I want to be able to do is change the date and security code for my credit card so that I will receive continuous service.

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