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I've checked with our accounting office - the transaction has been voided. If you do not see the result immediately, please wait until early next week and check again.



Our accounting office have received the instructions to void the transaction. 

This will likely be handled today, though it may take more time for your cc company to restore the funds to your account. Please check again later or early next week.



Hello Thanita -

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I've instructed the transaction be voided - which should free your funds immediately.

I'd like to provide a few words of explanation.

We do not charge your credit card when you sign up. Rather we 'authorize' the amount.

We do so in order to avoid storing your credit card information (as some companies do).

It is in our opinion a much safer option - as your credit card details can never be compromised, because we don't have them.

When we perform the 'authorization', we do not hold on to your money - the credit card company or bank may put a hold on it per their policy.

Then after 15 days we perform the billing by initiating what is called a 'capture' transaction referencing the previous authorization. 

We only do so if you have not deactivated your auto-billing, and only then do we get paid. If we do not 'capture' the transaction, the cc company eventually releases their hold. 

Given that the authorization has now been voided, you will need to manually purchase streams before the 15 day free trial period lapses, if you want to keep using the product.

Again - apologies for any inconvenience caused by our actions.

In our defense - our intentions are positive, and we gain nothing by implementing things this way.



The Vocalware Team

Hello - 

Please send us a note to and we will take care of whatever issue you are experiencing - or provide a refund.

Support typically responds on the same day - but there have been incidents where incoming emails were overlooked in spam filters - this may be one of them. If you don't receive a response today - please post your email here and I will contact you directly - I will erase your email from this forum afterwords.



The Vocalware Team

Hello - this issue was resolved.

Thanks for reporting!

Hello izulya,

The funds were not withdrawn, but your credit card was 'authorized' - this is a process that enables us to charge you later (in 15 days) without holding on to your credit card information.

When authorization takes place - some credit card providers debit the amount from your credit and hold it. This is not our doing - and we do not have your money. But we can cancel the authorization if you prefer - which would mean that your account would expire after 15 days unless you manually make a purchase.

If you would like us to cancel the authorization please send a note to

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.