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The API functions in HTTPS. 

Let me know if you encounter a problem.



Hello Vitezlav - 

Yes, there is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee in addition to the free trial period.

We really don't want to take your money if you are not satisfied.

Please send a note to support & we will take care of you.

But I would be very grateful to learn in what way did the product not meet your expectations - please let me know.



Hi Ankita -

We do not charge without informing. When you sign up, we make it plain that the service will automatically charge for the basic stream package in 15 days time. Regardless, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and stand behind it - please contact us and the charge will be refunded.

Hi - to clarify - this issue was resolved shortly after this discussion took place.

Hi - we experienced problems with James' voice. To avoid disruption for our users we temporarily replaced the voice with another. We will restore it as soon as we can but it may be several days.