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Ciao Erica -
Inviaci una nota a - grazie!
Cordiali saluti,

I'd like to follow up and confirm that the documentation has indeed been updated to refer to both http and https.

The API works in both modalities.



Hello Maria - 

Login to your account, and select the 'Account' tab and click on the green 'Active' slider, to deactivate your account.

Hope this helps,



Alnisa - 

Use of profanity is not necessary or called for.

We perform an authorization request. We do not hold your money.

This is done in order to enable us to charge you in 15 days - if you do not cancel. Some banks (or credit card companies) place a hold on the credit card when you authorize. I realize that for you that amounts to the same thing - and I'm sorry for any inconvenience - we try to be clear about the process.

That said - we will void your authorization - effective immediately. After 15 days your Vocalware account will expire unless you login and purchase a batch of streams (any size).

Please allow several days for this to show up on your account.



Bobby - we have implemented and deployed a code update to enable domain suffixes previously blocked.

.center domain suffix should work now.

Please try again and let me know if you notice any problem.